Monday, 14 April 2014

DAY 10

Ok, so there I was in my neighbour's flat: Mami from Japan. She is a curator of huge Bienale/Trienale Art Exhibitions, sent by the Japanese Art Foundation for a one year residency at Cité. She'd invited myself, some Aussies down the passage and some of her Japanese friends over after the piano recital tonight.
Wonderful to meet these very interesting people and discuss Oscar Pistorius, Nelson Mandela and Goytaku (Japanese fish rubbings) ((really)). We discussed the 8 hour time difference between here and Japan, jetlag, who does what. One girl is a Japanese model, artist and photographer. She does not have legs. Well, she has artificial legs; beautifully decorated in miniscule detail by her own hand. I tried to fix the noise from Mami's Mac Air at some stage and was told that it is "that guy's" music that's playing. So I had another glass of wine (which Mami poured- the hostess pours the wine in Japan, you don't do it yourself).  Then it was time for good byes and a great end to a great evening. I thought it appropriate to tell them all in the hallway that my ex-partner and very good friend, Gavin Hong, is Chinese.
Now I hope you noticed how many times I'd said "JAPANESE" above.
Certain things can't be fixed. Like an overdone watercolour or a burst bubble. Or a shattered first impression, for example. 
Any advice?


  1. Ai Fawa, jy het my nou laat dink aan die man in Rome wat my gevra het of ek Mr Van der Merwe ken wat in Johannesburg bly. Of soos iemand wat my gevra het of die Serengeti naby is waar ek groot geword het. Mwah

  2. ja.... "ken jy my broer? Hy bly in Australie." (vra ek aan 'n Nieu Zealander)

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself - daai winning smile sal dit op die ou end doen!