Saturday, 19 April 2014

Day 14

Paris surprises me every day. The most unexpected "things" just happen; seemingly without prior warning or marketing. You wake up to the sound of a hundred drums next to the Seine. Or thousands of runners taking to the street as if triggered by some termite biological clock. This morning there was a fresh produce market in the parking lot. An antique fair with stalls and buskers in a nearby park. Thousands of motorbikes can take to the streets at full rev at the drop of a berét. It does not cause consternation or impatience; onlookers gather and cheer. You never know what's going to attack your senses next. You just never know. Went picnicking next to the river in a long sculpture garden the other evening. Suddenly an oompah-band starts rehearsing nearby. Then a huge dance school starts doing Spanish dances on the esplanade. Tourist boats go by and cheer. Some guys are walking on a tightrope between two park trees. There is this huge guy who is living sleeping sitting leaning on a bench outside our building. I have not seen him move off the bench since I got here 14 days ago. This afternoon I saw a poster advertising the GENY PARISIAN BITCH ASSOCIATES.COM. 
Go figure.


  1. A Dog without a leash! Unheard of.....

  2. The city that never sleeps and is never boring, and is full of life, yourself and do not miss a moment!

  3. DIS wat daai stad so magic maak - die crazy is normaal...