Tuesday, 27 May 2014


The picture above is of me taking a picture of my computer taking a picture of me.
My little white MacBook is a 2005 model sporting some ancient OSX with a catname. Cracked Photoshop version 6 from 2004. My iPhone4 has had the same battery, screen cover and quirks for the past few years. My phone number and PIN has not changed since 1995 when I got my first Eriksson. I have the same bank account that my parents opened for me when I learned to swim in Aliwal North. My love for the familiar has not been lost somewhere between the  digital divide and the shine of the new. Neither has my love for biltong on toast. I have not had a car for four months; I ride my son's scooter around Stellenbosch.
Yet I still have too much stuff. I wish someone would invite me to a pool party; a bring-your-own-pool one. I'll "throw in" a Kreepy Krauly if you promise not to return it.
Must say, I will also consider trade-ins. Especially this body. Anyone interested in a slightly used, previously owned body? Slight hair loss, a few scuff marks, but offering a lot for your money's worth. 30% extra in fact, at no additional charge. Or our 19-year old cat, Bertha. Not much of a looker, but a lot of experience. Garage sale! Now there's an idea. Except I don't have garages (and an afdak sale is just not the same). Maybe the church's White Elephant bazaar table? May my trash become your treasure. No, not even a Table Mountain can handle all my tradable stuff.
There is an "Unbearable Lightness of Being" in shedding stuff. There's a freedom that comes with unloading; it is once-and-for-all and that is Milan Kundera's whole point (although not necessarily like my tangible stuff as in especially my Kreepy Krauly).
Am I, like my friend says, "complaining with a loaf of white bread under each arm"? Certainly. I have everything anyone can wish for. I won't swop my trash for your treasures, nor one of my memories for your castle.
My tools are as simple as my wants. I want experiences, not fame and fortune. Memories, not gold or share options.
So no afdak sale for the time being, thank you.
I am too busy being.


  1. Unbelievable lightness of moving! Toe ons plot toe getrek het, het ons omtrent al ons meubels weggegee: ons was teen daai tyd al mooi gatvol vir die "cottage look", met al ons ou hout (Oregon Pine en geelhout) goeters. Nou het ons omtrent niks, net 'n nice leërige huis; wat stadig aan weer goeters begin kry. Hoekom is my garage so vol dinge; ek kry niks waar ek dit laas gelos het nie. En daar is so baie kaste om alles mooi netjies in weg te pak? Miskien is die goed nodig, en mens wil darem ook iets moois hê. Gelukkig gaan Ruben een van die dae Stellenbosch toe, dan kan hy weer van die goeters saam met hom trek...

  2. Ek het ook as 3-jarige my tandjies op Aliwal gesny en by die Bronne die eerste keer `n groot swembad beleef!