Friday, 4 July 2014


So, back in South Africa after 3 months. What can I say?
My whole tube with all my work never arrived with our other luggage in CT International. Waited four days and endless phone calls later, DHL delivered on Wednesday morning. Phew.
The pool needed cleaning, internet banking needed setting up again, payments to be made, garden ignored, vehicles sorted, applied for a replacement drivers license . . . 
No problem is so big or complicated that it cannot be run away from. So we promptly hopped in the car an drove to Buffels. Stopped at Albertinia and bought a whole rump for steaks and some sosaties. Government white bread for toasted saamies. Condensed milk for morning coffee (yes, Bialetti!).
No fresh baguettes, no croissants, no sweet French . . . in fact, nearly nobody at all. In stark contrast to three months of sensory stimulation- smells, tastes, sounds, sights: familiarity. Good old Buffels lies surrounded by the endless pounding waves, wagtails in our house as if we've never been away. Glorious sunshine and the smack of the sea. An hour ago a whale blew a welcome 400m from my deck.
Yes, I miss Paris and my new friends. Yes, of course Mia is in a no-man land of frustration and nobody who understands it. Yes, it was a great, great, great experience. One has a mixed identity, a sense of something missing and a sense of something found. Like some strange creature on a new planet. But slowly the routine of home is beginning to ebb and flow with the tides. Nothing has changed, and everything has.
Started illustrating for Riana Scheepers' Gediggies vir Peuters. Huis Horison Art Auction looming large. Life carries on. The treadmill is turning. I step on board. OK, HERE WE GO.

Theodor is bang vir die nag - watercolour and charcoal illustration.


  1. Theodore met die swart spookasem hare! Ek het jou gesĂȘ dat jy gaan sukkel om te land... Goed geskryf, jou eerste paar dae. Buffels sal vir jou help; ek weet nie so mooi van Mia nie.

  2. Elke keer wat ek Italie toe gaan voel ek so as ek terug kom. Ek kan dit netnie so goed beskryf soos jy nie. Dankie Fawa vir die deel van jouself gedurende die afgelope drie maande. Jy inspireer my om dieper te kyk, eerliker oor my gevoelens te wees, en dit ook deel van my skryfsels te maak.

  3. welkom terug - gaan jou blogs mis! Dink jy nie deel van die vreugde was die eenvoud van min besittings en admin-vrye dae nie...